Soundpack 7 is here

Our latest Epic Soundpack is now available


15% off for a few days

CODE: EpicSoundpack7

What it contains


  • Bullet Hits
  • Bullet Whizz
  • Machinegun-Submachinegun
  • Weapon Drops


  • Metal pipe
  • Sword
  • Machete
  • Axe
  • Drop Weapon


  • Light Hits-Blocks
  • Medium Hits-Blocks


  • Blood Splatter Drip
  • Gore


What our Customers Have to Say

All soundpacks in one

All our Soundpacks in one Epic Package!

  • Incredible DISCOUNT compared to buying them separately.
  • Contains every Soundpack we've created in this unique pack.
  • You'll have more than 2900 Sound Effects.
  • You'll get Soundpack 6 ADDON (which is only included in the DELUXE)
  • You'll have a wide variety of action Sound Effects.
  • Create all sort of action scenes with the full power of every Soundpack.

Choose the best for you



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Soundpack COMBAT


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The SFX are all custom-made?

Yes, the sound effects are made from scratch. All recorded at our Epic studio.

Can I use the SFX in my projects?

Of course! once you buy it, it’s yours. The only restriction is that you can’t resell the Soundpacks.

Do I need a special program?

No friend, you can use any Audio/video editor there is. We personally use VEGAS PRO. The reason is, it’s the easiest to use for editing SFX. You can get it now if you click “BUY HERE”.

Are you the real Tony Jaa?

I get that question all the time and no, I’m not Tony Jaa. I’m Tony Jax

Are the SFX easy to use?

Yes very much, you just need to DRAG & DROP or load the SFX (depending on the Editing Program) you want into the program. Very easy!