Besides offering you the greatest action Soundpacks we also use our skills into working with clients videos!

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All the necessary Sound Effects for your videos will be added. The most badass results will be achieved!

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Adding Music the right way is a must if you want your video at the best condition. We can also do that!

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We can also work on your Visual Effects! Badass VFX can make a world of difference.

Mix everything!

Our final stage is mixing everything to perfection! Giving the results you want to have.

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Because it contains more than 2900 action Sound Effects for a ridiculously epic price!

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We’re two Editors and Brothers, Tomas and Nicolas. Fully dedicated to our job and into improving our mindset and health, basically try being badass Spartans. Let’s kick ass!

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Reviews From Our Comrades

I love the work that gets done here. So many great actions scenes are made to be so much better with satisfying, impactful sound effects.
The new sounds are edited with tasteful care and attention to detail. Everything still sounds like its part of the scene and the loudest hits are saved for the right moments such that it elevates the scene itself.
The people behind this are clearly hard working and passionate.”

Matthew Duncan

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These our favorite editing programs we use all the time in our videos.

Vegas pro

Make your editing easy!


Stop looking for some shitty complicated Program to edit.


You will edit like a Professional in a much SIMPLER way.

Starter Pack

The Visual Effects pack that you’ll love!

Perfect for Youtube Intros, Action videos, etc.